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Fusion is a philosophy more than a style. It is all about speaking the language of dance and making you more open to the dialogue, without expecting anything from the other, rather than repeating steps and figures. Blues, Lindy Hop, Kizomba, Tango, West Coast Swing, Brazilian Zouk, etc., fusion uses all existing dance styles (and then some). Your journey on the dance floor is yours and your partner’s, and you can create something unique that will be different with every new song and dance!

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Alesya Kovaleva (Minsk, Belarus) - Instructor

As a crazy traveler and a renowned West Coast Swing all-star, Alesya has already visited many places around the world and she’s looking forward to teaching in Nantes which she visits for the first time! Her many awards and hours spent on the dancefloor hasn’t diminished her excitement for social dancing in any case and she is willing to share a vision of dancing being a joy and a chance in every song. Because she can be both academic during competitions and crazy during social parties, Alesya teaches classes focused on techniques, balanced with personal expression which she believes, is also an important component of dancing.


Florine & Florian (Paris, France) - Instructors

Their key dance styles: West Coast Swing and Brazilian Zouk. These two dances opened for them the doors to connection and how to express themselves freely in social dancing. Among the Zouk Inspiration team with Céline & Clément, they were able to explore the topic to merge both dance styles and techniques. Since then, they’ve been happily passing on their experience, which was acquired in festivals such as this one, to foster freedom, creativity and uniqueness.


Jess & Greg (Edinburgh, Scotland) - Instructors & DJ

Jess (she/elle) and Greg (he/il) like chocolate and dancing. While they mostly prefer dark chocolate, they have more varied tastes in their dancing: blues, balboa, bal folk, tango, lindy hop… and of course, fusion. Based in Edinburgh, they have taught in France, Switzerland, Germany and the UK. Jess and Greg value self-expression, partnered creativity and comfort in their dances. They believe that dancing comfortably in one's own body helps us dance comfortably with others, which is why their teaching frequently focuses on body mechanics and consent, endeavouring to let everyone's inner (or outer!) dancer shine. (PC: Danni Maibaum/Maytree Photography)


Mickaël Sibelle (Nantes, France) - Instructor

Mickaël has been a musician for as long as he can remember, and being initiated to Be Bop, Lindy Hop and Balboa in the Paris area in 2008 helped him discover a new reason to play: dancing! A few years later, while the Blues & Fusion scene was starting to grow in Paris, he dove headfirst into that adventure, and he still hasn’t come back… After numerous dance workshops and immersive vacations in Europe, and thanks to some beautiful encounters he made, Mickaël has slowly started leaning towards teaching, and he regularly teaches in the area to share with you the various styles he loves, and guide you through your dance. (PC: Benoît Guérin photography)


Iris (Paris, France) - DJ

Iris has been in love with fusion for almost ten years and one of her passions is spending hours on her laptop trying to find the best songs to move to and connect with. Slow trap, dubstep, chillstep and middle eastern sonorities inspire her most and a 100% micro set is her guilty pleasure.


Thierry (Toulouse, France) - DJ

Thierry is first of all a creative dancer who wants to capture the most of each song. He has danced swing, blues and salsa before falling in love with tango. His eclectic tastes pushed him to mix different music and dance styles, first with alternative tango or neo tango, then with fusion. He has been dancing since 1998 and he waited till 2016 to start DJing. In his DJ sets, he seeks new horizons in body and music expression. Thierry is a co-organizer of the following festivals: Neo Tango Toulouse (TNT), Neo Tango Bruges (NTB), Neo Tango Amsterdam (NTA), and Toulouse Fusion weekend.


Steve Honey (Tours, France) - Musician

Pure voice and emotion. The clarity of raw voice and acoustic instruments brings life to the feeling of each song. Just relax and treat yourself to a realm of deep, authentic musical vibration. Steve Honey performs mostly for dance festivals because he is a passionate dancer himself. His repertoire ranges from old time blues to modern soul through ethnic percussion, space drum and classic jazz ballads, with the occasional excentric burst just for a laugh. So, lay back to enjoy, or let your feet burn right through the dance floor!


Nathan - Organizer | Polyrock

As his role as our resident mediator with Polytech suggests, Nathan knows the school like the back of his hand and even calls it “his second home”. He is currently wrapping up his last year of studying there, and the Cosmic Fusion Festival is a nice and special way for him to say goodbye. He regularly gives dance classes to college students, and he equally loves leading and following on the dance floor!


Marina & Alex - Organizers | Le Salon Cosmique

A first meeting in California, two complementary personalities and a touch of creative madness. The Cosmic Fusion Festival is their first big project in Nantes, and their eyes twinkle like stars whenever they talk about it. Alex is a modern grandparent who loves talking about pop culture and who created the bracelet-pass for the festival (yes, that’s handmade!), whereas if you are looking for Marina, you are more likely to find her on the dance floor (switch, anyone?).

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Le Salon Cosmique is a French non-profit association created in 2019. Our goal is to provide a positive and safe space for social interactions and dance. We hold mutual respect very dear in our community, and we promote inclusivity, responsibility and constructive criticism.

Together, let’s (re)connect and foster dialogue in a creative and openminded atmosphere!

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By attending Cosmic Fusion Festival, I agree that I have read, understand, and will follow the codes of conduct below.

Many thanks to the Motley Hue Fusion community for their help with writing our code of conduct!

Respect & Diversity

I will respect myself: I am a valuable member of the fusion dance community, no matter my level of experience, age, sex, gender expression, sexual preferences, body size, ethnicity, or religious beliefs.

I will respect others: I recognize that people have different values and viewpoints than I do, and that they are still valuable members of the community.

Creating Community

I am encouraged to actively participate in building the fusion community. To do so, I will seek out new people to dance with or talk to. I don’t know who might hold the keys to my next inspiration!

I can foster connections by introducing or re-introducing myself with each new dance. I can choose to include the pronouns that I wish to be addressed with when introducing myself.

Personnal Boundaries

I will strictly respect the physical and personal boundaries of my fellow attendees on and off the dance floor.

I can let my partner know that I wish to dance as close together or as far apart as I want, for any reason I want.

Invitations à danser

I will ask someone to dance with respect, and choose to accept or reject requests with respect. I am free to accept and decline dances for whatever reasons I wish.

If someone says no, I will accept their answer knowing that I am still a valuable member of the community, and move on to have just as much fun dancing with someone else.

It is assumed that I dance one song at a time with my partner, but I am free to re-ask my partner to dance, knowing that dancing multiple songs in a row is a great way to increase my connection and enjoyment with them!

Safety on the Dance Floor

I can inform my dance partner if something they do makes me uncomfortable or physically hurts me. Additionally, I will respect my dance partner’s request that I stop doing something that makes them uncomfortable or physically hurts them.

I will not attempt dance moves that could be dangerous to my partner, the dancers around me, or myself. I will do my best not to step on, bump, or trip other dancers; I will be gracious if I accidently do, and still gracious if someone does it to me.

I will care for my own safety. I am responsible for determining what I can and cannot accomplish on the dance floor.

I will take care not to wear extraneous jewelry or other accessories that can get in my partner’s way or harm them.

Mutual Consent

I know that as a responsible adult, if I am uncomfortable with my partner’s actions I am free to be clear with my verbal communication and ask them to change their behaviour.

I will speak with a staff member if for some reason I am unable to communicate with my partner, the behaviour is severe, or is repeated.

If I personally observe inappropriate actions inside the venues or classrooms, I will bring it to the attention of a staff member.

Cleanliness of the Space

I understand that I am responsible for the cleanliness of our venue just as much as the staff is. I will keep coats and bags off seats, open containers of liquid off the floor, and throw away my trash.

I will be responsible with food provided by the event, not taking more than I can eat, and cleaning up after myself.

Personal hygiene

I will care for my body odor by washing or deodorizing, bring towels or extra clothing if I sweat a lot, make use of hand sanitizer and mints, and always wash my hands after I go to the bathroom.

If I have a cold, or any other contagious condition, I will respect my fellow dancers by staying home and choosing to rest & heal.


I can share the love and give positive feedback to DJs, instructors, and dancers whenever I choose. I can clap for songs I enjoy or walk up to the dancers, DJ, or bands afterwards to let them know in person.

While I am free to give negative feedback, I will do so either when asked, or in a manner that is private, open minded, and respectful of the person receiving it.

I understand that the social dance floor is for fun, and I should not offer unsolicited dance advice to my partners.

I am free to ask for advice from my colleagues any time I want during class. I also understand that everyone learns in their own way, and that I will always ask my partner before I offer my own advice.

For questions or concerns, please reach the organizers: Alex (they, them), Marina (she, her) or Nathan (he, him).